Yankees vs. Nationals (Game 63)

You do not belong in New York, my friend (photo via Jim McIsaac, Getty Images).



That’s how your New York Yankees lost this one, folks. Sonny Gray was the typical fraud that Sonny Gray is, Aaron Boone made some more rookie mistakes (as always), involving Chasen Shreve (who sucks by the way and shouldn’t be on this roster), and the offense failed to drive runners home multiple times. Specifically, after the Yankees gave Gray an early two-run lead, he allowed three runs in the very next inning. Even after Gleyber Torres tied it up, Boone then made an idiotic decision to throw Shreve of all fuckin’ people for two consecutive innings. This was with a pretty well rested bullpen by the way. Then, to put the icing on the cake, specifically, the Yankee offense failed by pulling another pathetic 1-for-7 R.I.S.P. night. They can be very sickening, this team. Check it out.

Gray actually allowed the first run of the game but it could’ve been way worse at the time. He allowed a quick double & single to Adam Eaton & Trea Turner to begin the game. The overrated Bryce Harper then struck out, Anthony Rendon then sacrifice flied, and Daniel Murphy lined out to end the inning. So with all of that, just one Washington Nationals run came across. It looked like another “here we go again” first inning from Gray, but it ended up being an “okay, maybe he’s got this”. But that false hope wouldn’t last. As soon as Aaron Judge sac flied in the bottom of the first, Greg Bird homered in the second, and Giancarlo Stanton singled home Judge in the third, Gray became Gray again. It was a fourth inning to forget.

With a 3-to-1 lead, an opposite field homer to Juan Soto that made everybody go fanboy (yes, I’m salty) gave Washington three runs in one swing. 4-to-3, bad guys. With this, nothing else mattered for Gray. Even after his one-two-three fifth and a Torres solo shot to tie it (4-to-4) in the bottom half, Gray’s night was already ruined. His final line read five frames, seven hits, four runs, two walks, and just one strikeout. His disgusting outing took away all of the momentum he had coming in. Entering the night, Gray had pitched well in three of his last four appearances. This game was a big teller though because it wasn’t against a Kansas City, or a Baltimore, or a Toronto. It was against a team with a quality lineup in the Nats. And Gray put up a dud, reminding everybody who didn’t already know that the Yankees need pitching because of him.

But with a 4-to-4 game and some momentum because of Torres’ 12th homer on the year, you’d think the Yanks would throw somebody out there that was intimidating for the sixth. You know, like anybody but Shreve! But Boone was Boone, making yet another rookie mistake, and threw Shreve out there in the sixth. Surprisingly, he was perfect in the inning, tossing a one-two-three to shut down Harper, Rendon, and Murphy. But Boone’s second idiotic decision of the night to put him in for another inning completely bit him in the ass. After a pathetic excuse of an inning in the bottom of the sixth when Stanton, Aaron Hicks, and Miguel Andujar all went down swinging, Boone’s puppet in Shreve gave up the tie in the seventh when Soto homered to right for his second big fly of the game. 5-to-4. Gray & Shreve may be the two worst pitchers in the world. Putting them in the same game is illogical, Boone.

Immediately after that Soto shot, the Yankee offense continued to shit the bed as they’ve been doing of late. They did that thing where they tricked you with a big leadoff hit and failed to cash in afterwards. Bird led off the bottom of the seventh with a double but Austin Romine, Torres, and Gardner went hitless. David Robertson pitched the eighth and was fine, and then the Yankees failed to cash in during the bottom of the inning. Two were on and there was just one out for Aaron Hicks. But Hicks being Hicks, would fail to come through by striking out. Andujar then got a crack but failed too when he flew out to left field. It was atrocious, giving the Yankees a total of five (felt like 500) men left on base. There are a couple of things to be frustrated about in this one, but I think Gray falling back down on the ladder takes the cake. Shame. Shame. Shame (<Games of Thrones reference, people).

If there was a positive, it’d be that Stanton picked up three hits. Now they were all singles, but he picked up an RBI during it and reached .248 on the year. Wow, he’s so amazing, isn’t he? Also, Bird producing two hits in the seven-spot was nice to see. I never liked Bird in the three-hole to begin with. I know people say it divides the righties from being bunched together but he wasn’t producing so that theory meant nothing. So, Boone, don’t make another rookie mistake. This time, keep Bird in the seven-spot. But all in all, this game moved the Yankees back to a disgusting second place. They’re playing some real shitty baseball in games that they lose. It’s frustrating more than anything. Eventually, they’ll need another sweep because as cool as “taking the series” may be, sweeping can really get a team scorching hot.

Let me bitch “for once” real quick. It’s time for Boone to stop this Hicks experiment. He’s a nice fourth outfielder who provides switch hitting (but he can’t hit) and defense; not a starter. Bring up my boy. Also, this is why I hate split stats sometimes. The stats with Gray say he’s better with Romine but they also say he’s better on the road. Which is it? A good pitcher can pitch to anybody anywhere. And Boone, let me hate on you again for stupidly using Shreve twice. Also, the Yankees will eventually need the big bats to somewhat hit for average. Whether it’s Didi or Gary reaching their .280 norm, Bird living up to the “pure hitter” title that his fan club labels him as, or Stanton at least reaching the .260 mark, the Yanks will need that soon. That’s why these last few weeks they’ve struggled to hit runners in. It’s been home run or nothing lately. That being said, tonight sucked and I’m done. Goodnight on a bad night.

And remember kids, Buck Foston.



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